Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate

vapir rise 2.0

Vaping marijuana is slowly gaining traction among many users, but while a lot has been said about the portable variety, for the best vaping experience, one should consider getting a desktop vaporizer.

Desktop vaporizers are larger than portable ones, and most require being plugged in to a wall socket. While this limits the portability factor, not to mention the sheer bulk of it, desktop vaporizers are much more superior than their pocketable brethren. From the features, accuracy, and overall vape quality, if one wants the finest vapor from their medical marijuana, desktop vaporizers is the way to go.

One of the best on the market today is the Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate. Shaped roughly like a glass bong from the future, the device has a round base and a concave cylinder jutting out on top. There are touch pads on the base to let users adjust heat and fan speed, and an LED screen is also present to display the current settings. Everything is laid out well and makes for easy usage. Overall, the device is sturdily built with top-shelf plastic that won’t melt easily with the heat.

Coming from portables, or if this is your first vaporizer, you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of parts and accessories included. This might be off-putting at first, however, once it is assembled, minimal tinkering is required moving forward. Besides, after putting it all together, you will feel familiar with each part that operating and maintaining the device will become second nature.

The Vapir Rise 2.0 allows for multiple intake methods. You can use a whip, a hookah-style whip for group sessions, and via balloons. Because of the multiple uses, one will understand the need for the many accessories included.

While $250 may seem steep, the Vapir Rise is far from being the highest end vaporizer. However, despite its mid-tier status, the device performs excellently, giving more expensive models a run for their money. Vapor is dense and potent, and very flavorful thanks to the glass whips.

Contributing to the clean taste and excellent vapor are the HEPA air filter and ceramic heating chamber within. Air that is sucked in is filtered out for impurities, ensuring only clean air gets in. The air then passes thorugh the heating chamber, where its ceramic construction also minimizes flavor taint. Heating times are at a very respectable one minute, compared to the three to five minutes needed for more expensive models.

The manufacturer mentions that one can use oils with device, and while this is true, its true value comes when using dry herb. That said, performance is still good when used with oils, though not as excellent as with dry herb.

There are many desktop vaporizers out today, and for what you pay for, the Vapir Rise is one of the best. Vapor production is excellent, the design is attractive, the build quality is solid, and the overall performance is superb. It may be a bit more complicated to use than others, but after awhile, one gets used to it that it won’t be an issue.

If you are on the lookout for a desktop vaporizer that won’t break the bank, yet provide top notch performance, the Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate is worth a look-see. Flavor is clean, vapor is thick, and the overall value is far more than its price since it is built solidly enough to surely last for years to come.

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