Cleaning Your Pen Vaporizer

vape pen clean

Having a pen vaporizer is awesome. It allows you to get a hit anytime, anywhere. It gives a much cleaner taste than smoking joints. It’s virtually odorless. Best of all? No one would suspect you using an herb vaporizer because most people would just think you were vaping regular e-cigarettes.

The convenience of having a pen vaporizer is definitely worth the initial price of admission, but like all gadgets, proper maintenance should be observed.

If you continually use your pen vaporizer, or any other vaporizer for that matter, without cleaning it every once in a while, you will end up with a broken down device that won’t be good for anything.

Before you start tinkering with your vape pen, you should be aware of its basic parts. A pen vaporizer usually consists of the battery, a heating chamber, and a mouthpiece. These are all removable, though some models will have the heating chamber built-in. Know which kind you have. You don’t want to pull apart something that isn’t meant to be pulled apart, right?

Assuming you are able to remove the heating chamber from the battery, put all parts aside first to prevent any untoward accidents or misplacement. For the battery, simply rub it down with a clean piece of cloth. No need to use any cleaning material or solvents or alcohol. A simple rub down will do. Adding any liquid cleaners might mess the battery up, which can ruin the device completely.

Once the battery is nice and sparkly, take the heating chamber and tap out any excess material inside. When it’s all tapped out, take a cleaning brush and start cleaning away any excess gunk that might have stuck on to the walls of the chamber.

If you use wax or oil as material, take a cotton bud and swab the insides of the heating chamber to remove any excess material within. You can use alcohol if doing in dry doesn’t do the job.

Quick tip: before cleaning the chamber, you can heat it up first before taking it out. This helps in loosening any material inside.

For the mouthpiece, if you can’t fit a cotton swab in, simply rinse it under running water. If possible, try to thread a small piece of cotton so you can wipe down the insides thoroughly. You can also use alcohol to clean the mouthpiece. Once you are satisfied, simply wipe it down and let it air dry for a few minutes.

Once everything is all clean, you can assemble everything back together again and start vaping again. A clean vaporizer ensures that no old material is left to give foul tastes, or to gunk up the chamber, resulting in combustion. This also ensures everything works well so that your device lasts longer.

While cleaning your pen vaporizer may seem like a chore at first, in time it becomes a sort of ritual. Especially once you’ve experienced using a dirty vaporizer, compare it to a newly cleaned one and you won’t mind cleaning up your device every once in a while. Some clean their vaporizers every after use, while some do it once a day. Others do it once a week, but any longer and you will see the unit’s performance suffer.

Keeping things clean makes sure you keep things working. Make it a habit to clean your vaporizer regularly, you won’t regret it.

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