Starting Your Own E-Liquid Recipe Book

e-juice mixing

If you stick to just the things you need, vaping is way more cheaper than smoking. While mods and e-cigs may cost more than a pack of smokes, it lasts longer with some proper maintenance. The only recurring costs you’ll have are for the atomizers and e-juice.

To help save you more money, you can invest in a rebuildable atomizer or tank. These let you build your own coils and can save you a small fortune each year. As for e-juice? You can start brewing your own.

E-liquid is the most spent for part of vaping. And with the multitude of e-liquid vendors out there, you know that competition is stiff. Some are cheap, some are expensive, quality may be sketchy with some, while others are as top notch as humanly possible.

Price does not equate to quality either, with some affordable options being the best e-juice I’ve ever tasted while some costly ones tastes like crap. The affordable one, by the way, was a self-mixed flavor by a friend of mine. If I recall correctly, it was a black currant mix with tobacco undertones. It was divine. Unfortunately, I never tasted it ever again.

Here’s the thing, my friend is a fine e-juice mixer, but he does not take note of the flavors he’s done. Which is a shame. That gorgeous black currant/tobacco mix of his is now lost forever. Which makes it all the more important, especially for you new DIY mixers out there, to start your own e-liquid recipe book.

It does not matter if your first few entries suck. In fact, by taking note of the entire process, you can easily identify where you got it wrong. And if ever you chance upon the perfect mix, then each step has been recorded.

Personally, I have been mixing my own e-juice for a couple of years now, but I only started my e-liquid recipe book a few months ago. It’s no big deal really since I haven’t made any meaningful flavors yet. However, ever since I took down notes, I found I can tweak some flavors I feel have potential and push them further to greatness. Mind you, none of my creations are great… yet. But I believe they will be… soon.

Unlike some DIY mixers I know, I don’t always mix my own flavors. Only when the mood strikes or when the ingredients are on hand. I still get most of my e-juice needs from my favorite brand (shoutout to Flavana!), but whenever I feel creative, I bust out my mixing tubes and syringes, and start mixing my own.

Bottom line, no matter what level you are in when it comes to mixing your own e-liquid, be sure to keep a record of all your creations. Because even if a flavor does not suit your own tastes, it may be a hit to others (who knows, it might be the one flavor that will make you rich!). By keeping record of all you’ve done, you ensure that nothing is lost and that you can easily come back and retweak whichever flavor you want.

Until now, I am searching for that black currant and tobacco taste. It is my grail and unicorn in one. Don’t lose yours. Start an e-liquid recipe book as soon as possible.

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