Tube Mod or Vape Box?

tube vs box

Most vapers start with vape pens. These are usually easily pocketable, have built-in batteries, have a matching tank or atomizer, and unfortunately, don’t last very long. In every sense, from its battery life to its overall longevity, vape pens usually conk out after about 6 months. You are lucky if yours last more than a year.

This is the reason why vape pens are great for beginners. They are cheap, and once you decide on whether to pursue vaping or not, the device is usually at the end of its life. If you do decide that vaping is for you, upgrading your e-cig is the next step.

You can upgrade with a tube mod or a vape box (usually called a box mod). These two come in either mechanical (mech) or variable. Mech mods lack any electronics and are simply battery enclosures that one can fire atomizers on. This lack of electronics mean that mechs are reserved for only experienced vapers since there are no safety features.

Variable mods in the hand, are more high-tech and have a slew of safety features which make it a no-brainer for new mod users .

Between a tube mod and a vape box, which should you choose? Basically it all boils down to personal preference, but to give you a rough idea, here are a few differences between the two.

Generally, tube mods are more slim than box mods, though they tend to be longer. Box mods, on the other hand are bulkier, but shorter in stature. If you don’t want your mod to peek through your pocket, box mods are great. However, if you’d rather have something slimmer, tube mods are the way to go.

There are some box mods that have built-in batteries that are roughly the size of matchboxes. These are highly portable, though battery life won’t be as good as a full-sized one. Tube mods also come in a more diminutive form, but since these require shorter batteries as well, you can expect to swap out batteries after a couple of hours.

Tube mods usually hold only one battery, though some can accommodate two smaller ones (which can roughly last as long as a single large one). Box mods also come in one battery variants, but because of its design, they can easily hold two, three, even four batteries at a time. You can imagine that the size increases significantly. However, because of the way the batteries are placed, box mods usually increase in girth and bulk, not in length. So while it may still fit your pocket, albeit uncomfortably, a three or four battery box mod can still fit inside your bag without taking up too much space.

The same can’t be said for tube mods. Since the batteries in tubes are placed in a line, adding one or two more in the mix will result in an unwieldy device. Sure it stays just as slim, but the length makes it much more conspicuous. Straight talk, it looks ridiculous.

So if you want more power, a device to last a day or more without charging, a box is what you should get. However, if you are content with single battery configurations, and would rather have a slimmer device, tube mods are perfect.

If you can, visit a local vape shop near your area and try out the various tube and box mods they in store. Whatever feel most comfortable is what you are looking for. You may have your sights set on a tube mod, but there may be a vape box that fits you perfectly, and vice-versa.


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