Types of Vaping Wire

Wire types

If you’ve been vaping for awhile now, you’ve most probably moved on from disposable to rebuildable atomizers. Even if you are still planning to make the switch, the major consensus is to go ahead and do it. Not only is it cheaper in the long run, you also get to experiment with various coils, resistances, and basically customize your personal vaping experience.

Aside from learning how to build a coil, one must also know the various types of wicks and wires used. In this article, we’ll focus on vaping wires first. The types of wicks deserve another article altogether.


The first and most basic wire is Kanthal. This is most often used in disposable atomizers, and these are cheap to acquire, easy to work with, and they get the job done. Many vapers prefer Kanthal over the other types because these also tend to be the most durable, lasting a couple of months if you are lucky.

Another reasons why Kanthal is beloved is because it is easy to work with, meaning users can braid or twist them to achieve lower resistances with ease. That said, among the other types, Kanthal is the most “boring.” It tastes great and all, but compared to the other types, Kanthal can be a bit dull.


The second most common wire used is Nichrome. This type of wire heats up faster than Kanthal, thus giving users a more intense vape. Many users also swear to the cleaner flavor Nichrome gives as compared to Kanthal.

Nichrome is also easy to work with, though it is less elastic than Kanthal. You can’t twist it or braid it lest it break apart.


Heating up faster than Nichrome is Nickel. It has a close to zero resistance, making it extremely sensitive to heat. Unlike Nichrome though, Nickel is very pliable and easy to work with.

However, since it is soft and easy to heat, NIckel wires tend to not last long. It can easily melt at higher temperatures, which can be a pin when you are used to vaping at high temperatures.

When working with Nickel, users usually do more wraps so it can handle more heat easily.


With the advent of temperature control mods, more and more users are now flocking to titanium wire for their coil needs. Its properties combine the best of both worlds in that it heats up fast, cools down quickly, and is easy to use.

Furthermore, among all the wires mentioned, users swear that their e-juice tastes best with titanium. This is another reason why this type of wire is growing in popularity.

Final Thoughts

Wires are just one part of the whole coil-rebuilding process. By learning the basic properties, pros, and cons of the various types, you will have a better understanding how to go about your coils. If you are on a budget or still practicing, start with Kanthal, since it is cheapest and is tough, durable, and easy to work with.

Once you feel comfortable enough with your coil building skills, you can upgrade to Nichrome or Nickel, or go straight to Titanium. Titanium is said to be the best, and while opinions vary, the best way to be sure is to try it yourself.

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