Using Marijuana Herbal Extract

herbal extract

Despite the laws against it, the positive effects of marijuana have been known for a very long time. While smoking it is the most popular form of ingesting it, in recent years this has been questioned by many to cause more harm than good.

There have been attempts to encapsulate the benefits of marijuana while foregoing the harmful effects of smoking it, and one of those is in the form of a pill called Marinol. However, despite its good intentions the pill does not include a number of the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory cannabinoids present in marijuana itself. But perhaps most troubling is that one of the side effects of the pill is death.

This attempt to provice an alternative means of ingesting marijuana proves to be disastrous, so people are still on the lookout for something much more feasible.

The most popular way now is via vaping marijuana. Users can either vape herb itself, in the form of wax, or in oil form. The last method is also known as marijuana herbal extract, or tincture.

Vaping marijuana has so far seemed safe for use, without the negative effects of smoking it directly. However, there are some users who still do not find vaping a viable alternative. Especially those who suffer from asthma, those who have sensitive lungs and/or throats, or some other malady that prevents them from inhaling anything comfortably.

Good thing that marijuana herbal extracts or tinctures can be administered even without the use of a vaporizer. Tinctures themselves are not a new thing in the medical marijuana scene, in fact, when cannabis was banned way back in 1937, tinctures started to show up. These are relatively inexpensive to make and is very easy to do as well, which makes it a very viable alternative.

To compare, the aforementioned pill Marinol contains just one essential cannabinoid, while tinctures have all 80. There are even variants where the psychoactive effects of THC is drastically reduced while the efficacy is made even better.

If smoking or vaping marijuana is not an option, users should take a look at using tinctures. The recommended way to to use it is by placing a few drops under the tongue. Also called sublingual administration, the required dosage is also easy to control since users simply place the recommended number of drops under the tongue easily. This method is also easily absorbed by the system, making it fast acting.

Since tinctures are usually alcohol-based, bacteria or other forms of contamination is not an issue. While the taste can be bitter, these can also be flavored to make it easier to use. If one does not want to ingest alcohol, the tincture can be made into an elixir easily.

Medical marijuana does not always mean one has to smoke it or vape it, by using tinctures, users who wish to enjoy the benefits of marijuana without smoking can do so easily and without a dramatic rise in cost.

As always, before you go ahead and start placing drops under your tongue, just like any other medicine, it is best to consult a doctor first.

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