Vaping for Beginners

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So you’ve finally decided to quit smoking and take up vaping. No doubt you’ve done your research and found that the vaping world has tons to offer. Hundreds, if not thousands, of e-cig models, mods, atomizers, tanks, e-juice, batteries, and many more await, and as a beginner, you’re feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

No worries. All you need is to learn the basics, understand what does what, and start from the lowest rung. Pretty soon you’ll be knowledgeable enough to wade through the plethora of vaping products on the market, and not get lost.

Basic Parts of an E-Cig


First things first, you should know the basic parts of an e-cig and understand what it does. E-cigarettes have two main parts: the atomizer and the battery.

The atomizer usually sits on the top end of an e-cig and it is where e-liquid is vaporized and inhaled from. When one talks about atomizers in general, they can refer to either a dripping atomizer or a tank atomizer (though there are also clearomizers and cartomizers, both are similar in function to tanks). Dripping atomizers are ones where users have to drip e-juice in every once in awhile, while tank atomizers can hold significantly more, thus lasting longer before having to refill. Drippers usually provide more flavor and vapor, while tanks offer convenience. Choosing between the two depends on one’s preference, so it is best to try both then decide later which one to stick with.

When discussing atomizers, talking about resistances and coils and wicks can’t be avoided. But since you are just starting out, you don’t need to concern yourself with these… Yet. All you need to know is that it should work, and that you are getting decent vapor and flavor from it.

The other main part of an e-cig is the battery. Starter kits with built-in batteries inside the body of the e-cig are usually called batteries. This include a button (or buttons) for activating the device, and the charging port. Mods, which are more advanced, usually have removable batteries so the term “battery” in an e-cig sense can be confusing. Nevertheless, it is widely accepted that when one refers to the main body of an e-cig or mod, it is called “battery.”

Pen or Mod?

While there are a number of e-cig varieties, most fall into just two categories: pens or mods. A vape pen is small and long, shaped like a pen really (hence its name) and usually puts out a constant wattage level. They are great for beginners and can satisfy most when first starting out.
After awhile though, when the power put out by vape pens seem “limited,” users then start looking at mods. Mods go by various shapes and sizes. Some are tubular, some are boxy, while there are others shaped like a gun grip or even trapezoidal. Mech mods are simple devices that do not have any electronics inside. While simple, these are reserved for experienced vapers only since there are risks involved when using mech mods. Since there are no electronics, this also means there are no safety features as well.

Variable mods on the other hand, while also designed for advanced vapers, can suit beginners as well since they have a slew of safety features and their power can usually be adjusted to suit one’s taste.

When starting out, you can either get a vape pen or a variable mod (but never a mech mod. Only after you are experienced enough). Vape pens are cheap and easy to maintain, but they limit your vaping experience. As for variable mods, these are more expensive, have a slight learning curve, but are more customizable and last longer as well.

Final Thoughts

While there are tons more to learn about vaping, the above are the bare bones basics of e-cigs. Start with the above knowledge and you will soon understand the more complex concepts as you grow in experience. Just like learning a new skill, the basics may be simple, but they go a long way in understanding everything you need to know about it.

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