Vaping Marijuana for Migraine

vaping marijuana

If you’ve ever had a migraine, you know how debilitating it is. While there are many medications for it, sometimes going natural may be the best way. Sleeping it off is a good way to get rid of one, however, not everyone can afford to do so.

So how can vaping marijuana help?

Medical marijuana is used in numerous treatments, with many more being discovered every day. However, when it comes to treating migraines, it is anecdotal as best since current laws make it difficult to test its efficacy. However, cannabis has been used to treat nausea effectively, and this is the strongest link that can help migraine sufferers.

Experts are split on their opinions about the efficacy of medical marijuana for migraine, so if you are planning to try, there are some points to consider to ensure you do not make your migraine any worse.

The first is to know the strain that you should use. There are hundreds of strains of marijuana and each have differing effects on various symptoms and illnesses. For example, one strain might make you feel worse than before, while another might make you feel right as rain. To ensure you get the proper strain, ask your nearest dispensary. While dispensaries will not have all strains available, they might be able to offer a similar one, or point you to a place that might have the one you need.

After acquiring the right strain for your migraine, the next decision to make is whether to smoke it, vape it, or eat it. Smoking marijuana produces carbon dioxide which will harm you in the long run, so for health’s sake, it is best to choose between vaping it or eating it.

Eating cannabis is a healthier alternative to smoking, though it takes longer for your system to absorb it, thus a more delayed effect. Vaping marijuana, on the other hand, takes much faster to be absorbed, thus the effects are felt quicker. The same can be said about smoking it, but since vaping does not require combustion, you won’t have to deal with the effects of carbon monoxide.

That said, for quick relief, vaping marijuana is the best system of delivery.

So you got the strain and have decided to vape marijuana. The next question is, how much should you use? This is more tricky, but a good rule of thumb is to start with a little bit first. Too much might get you too stoned, which might be the desired effect, but this also means that the pain might still be there but you are just too high to notice it. The downside to this is that when the effects wane, your migraine might come back worse than before.

Start with a small amount and try to discern if it helps. If you feel that the migraine is dissipating, try to vape some more, just enough to treat the migraine.

Last thing to consider though, is that vaporizers for medical marijuana can be quite costly. However, there are some models that are pretty affordable, though lack some features that might otherwise improve your vaping experience. If you are just starting to vape marijuana, you can start with a more affordable model then upgrade to a more costly one once you are sure that it helps with your migraine.

Oh, and be sure medical marijuana is legal wherever you are. Addressing a symptom while committing a crime is never good. It may feel good, but in the long run, you might cause more headaches worse than your migraine.

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