Vaping Vs. Smoking

smoking vs vaping

Non-smokers and smokers alike often ask vapers, “what’s the difference between vaping vs. smoking?” It is a seemingly harmless question, albeit sometimes the manner it is asked can be somewhat condescending.

Regardless of the intentions of the person asking the question, most vapers know the answer to this. If you don’t, then it’s time you should know. When faced with this query, the stock answer vapers give is: “vaping is safer.”

Now, there are times when that answer stops the conversation outright, but if you are asked to expound on it, here are three points you should know so you can defend your “better habit” properly.

1. Vaping Produces No Smoke

It looks like it, it feels like it, and in high-end set-ups, it even feels like it. But the vapor produced by e-cigarettes isn’t smoke. Smoke is produced through combustion, has carbon monoxide, and the harmful chemicals put out by cigarettes is too many to mention.

Vapor? No such harmful compounds found here folks.

2. Vaping Produces Little to No Smell

Walk past the cloud of vapor a vaper has exhaled and chances are you won’t smell a thing. Cigarette smoke on the other hand, reeks. Even if a smoker exhales at the farthest corner of a room, you will smell it even if you are at the other end. It may take time or it may be instantaneous, but the smell reaches you eventually.

While vapor dissipates slower than smoke, the smell that comes with it is is so subtle that not many can discern it. And if one should smell it, they usually ask what that fragrant smell is.

3. Vaping has Chemicals, But the Harmless Kind

Cigarettes are chockfull of harmful chemicals. Once lit, the resulting combustion results in even more harmful chemicals. All these are harmful to the smoker, bystander, and anyone within breathing distance.

E-liquid in e-cigs also has chemicals. But these are all food grade and thus harmless. There are debates in the scientific community about the inherent dangers of inhaling these chemicals, but after several years, no direct harm has been found. There are theories, truth be told, but if one goes by theories then bread causes cancer as well.

These are but three differences, yet the trend is the same if we discuss all the differences. Vaping causes no harm, to the vaper or to anyone nearby.

Even the most hardcore vapers, with their expensive setups, high wattage devices, and resulting voluminous clouds, they don’t cause any harm to anyone. Perhaps, the greatest harm is not taking care of their devices at all. E-cigs have batteries. Batteries can explode. But to use this fact against vaping is ignorant. If one pushes this argument to use against vaping and ban e-cigs, then going by their logic, cellphones, tablets, computers, and basically all battery operated devices should be banned as well. As with all things, responsible use is important.

That said, vaping vs. smoking? It’s no contest.

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