What’s a Vape Box Mod?

What's a vape box mod?

The world of vaping is a vast and massive landscape teeming with e-liquids of various tastes, atomizers and tanks of various configurations, and mods of various shapes and sizes. New users are familiar with cig-a-likes and vape pens, but as one delves deeper into the vaping world, one inevitably hears – and sees – vape box mods in the wild.


If you are new to vaping, you might be asking, what’s a vape box mod anyway? Simply put, they are e-cigarettes shaped like a box. Then you might follow up with a series of questions: why a box shape? Why the extra girth when the pen size is sleek enough? Why reinvent the wheel?


To understand the reason for box-shaped mods, one must know what mods are in the first place. Basically, mods are supercharged vape pens. In the early days of vaping, users eventually found the vape pen’s power lacking, thus they modify their own version of the e-cig. Vape pens have chips inside that prevent the device from firing more than a certain voltage, a certain amperage, and a certain wattage. This is done for the safety of its users. However, like superchargers, safety sometimes takes a backseat in favor of performance.


Tube mods were the norm back then. These were e-cigs with a larger diameter to accommodate bigger batteries, and they don’t have any limiter chips inside. This enable users to take advantage of a battery’s raw power. Mech mods they were called. Eventually, as vapers felt the need for more power, box mods came along. These were shaped like a box so multiple batteries can be used. There are tube mods that can use two or more batteries, but this doubles the length of the mod, making it unwieldy. Box mods enabled multiple batteries to be used without doubling the mod’s length. Though the width increases, this is much more preferable than having to lug around a 12-inch tube.


Variable mods, which lets users change the voltage or wattage output of the device, also started taking on the tube form factor. But since more electronics were crammed inside, this lengthens the mod considerably compared to mech tube mods. Following the lead of mech box mods, variable mod manufacturers adopted the box form to keep the devices short, though still wider. Instead of cramming two batteries in the mod though, the electronics were placed beside the battery, as opposed to on top. However, there are variable box mods today that allow the use of two, sometimes three, batteries at a time. Of course these make for wider mods, but such is the price for more power.


That said, a vape box mod is shaped as such not for aesthetics, but rather performance. Tube mods will always be sexier than box mods, but many users don’t care. The box mod is the perfect example of function over form. But don’t think all box mods are ugly. As vape tech advances, so too does its design. If you know where to look, you will find samples of vape box mods that are as beautiful, if not more so, than the sleekest tube mod. Which goes to show that form and function can be married to make for powerful works of art.


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